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Thomas Kleman <thomas.kleman@...>

Where did you get the macerator pump ? It looked to me that ITT Jabsco didn't
make the original anymore (hull #422) and there were a few replacement

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We carry everything mentioned below , plus every hose, senders, relays, and
replaceable parts for both engine and generator as well as a complete gasket
set for both.

A complete set of replacement blocks for the boat, spare circuit breakers,
joysticks and switches, raw water and salt water pumps for both engines, a
complete toilet rebuild kit , macerator, and water pump. A spare set of
mufflers. Gasket material, boxes of metric fasteners, solderless connectors,
sail repair materials, sewing machine, Rigging cutters.

And probably a hundred other things that I forgot.

Basically , if something breaks I have a spare.

We have on board almost everything that can be replaced by me.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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HI, we have SM 209. What kinds of systems are you wanting to PM. We like
carry, alternators, starter, belts, lights, oil, both engine and
and c drive, salt water pumps and repair kits, a full set of tools, volt
and on and on. What was the name of your boat before and now? We are in
Annapolis if you are close come visit. you can reach us at 6037675330 or
richard03801 at yahoo dot com. we are always interested in helping others
their boats including maintenance of the boat or sailing her.
Best of luck on you new boat
Richard and Joan in Annapolis on SM 209 FOR SALE see Rogue Waves web site.

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Subject: [Amel] Installed Systems / Spare parts

Hello All:

We recently bought a Super Maramu (1998) hull 215 and I am wondering if
has gone through the work to create a list of installed systems, addresses
suppliers and suggested spare parts?
I have a maintenance listing from a friend for a SM2k...but being told that
their are enough differences...
Thank you,

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