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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Kent, WD40 does wonders to protect from water used in advance, I regularly and liberally spray it around my engine room over pumps, electric motors, alternators etc etc. And if water gets in somewhere I use it to recover the situation with great results. The best was on a previous boat an alternator drenched with salt water from a broken hose. Leaving it in place I immediately rinsed it thoroughly with fresh water, then emptied a can of WD40 into it. Left it for a few days and next time I started up it was fine and kept working for the next five years and was still going when I sold the boat.
Danny and Yvonne
SM299 Ocean Pearl

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Hi all. Made it from Deltaville, VA to St. Thomas USVI in 10d despite
contrary or light winds much of the time. A couple of issues cropped
The rigger who changed my standing rigging didn't tighten the jockey
pole supports adequately to the shrouds, and with the outboard end of
the poles only slightly elevated, there was enough downward force on the
outboard end of the jockey poles to force the supports down a good 6" on
the rigging, slightly "kinking" the shrouds. There was no evidence of
any damage to the shrouds when I got them put back in the proper
positions. Just a reminder that most riggers have no clue about those
"Amel" oddities...from now on whenever a rigger does anything to my
boat, I'll check behind them, especially the Amel-specific

My brand new Jabsco bilge pump failed after less than an hour of use.
Turned out one of the valves was defective. Bigger issue now is that
after I tripped it's circuit breaker ("puissard"), fixed the pump, and
tried to run it (so I could pat myself on the back for actually finding
the problem and fixing it) the circuit breaker wouldn't work. On my
first trip out the watermaker high pressure hose failed and sprayed sea
water all over the engine room, and now all the circuit breakers in that
box seem to be "iffy". The rest of the breakers on the boat seem fine.
I've googled "Sapel" (the name on the breaker box) and E & P (the ?name
on the breakers) without success. Does anyone have a source for the 220v
and 24v breakers on the boat without going through Amel?

As usual, thanks in advance for your help.




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