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Jean Boucharlat

«Aileron moulé » : « moulé » is molded in US English or moulded in
traditional English, “aileron” is literally “winglet” but, in this instance,
most likely “rudder blade” (this inferred from the fact that Amel uses
“contre-aileron”, loosely translatable as “counter-winglet” to designate the

“Venant de moulage” literally means “from a mold” but, in this instance and
in my opinion, means that it is a molded FRP part and not some other kind of

With all due respect for everyone at Amel, and I do respect them all, you
all know that their English is somewhat hesitant but I can tell you that
their French is also sometimes not entirely academic.

Hope this helps.

Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232

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Can anyone help with translation?

There is a crosshatched area with caption containing "aileron moule" and
another caption above containing "venant de moulage." I've tried Google
translate but I'm not getting good info.

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