Port St Pierre Hyeres

Peter Aubrey <peter.aubrey@...>


I took delivery of my SM2K in Hyeres in 2000 and have been back a few times
since. There are two main basins. You need to enter the South basin and the
Capitainerie and arrival berth is on a jetty a short way in to port. There
is a tower at the inshore end of the jetty. You need to call in on VHF CH9
to get a berth location. Their telephone number is 0494 12 54 40. Operating
hours in winter are 0800-1200 and 1400-1700. Not sure about week-ends. There
are plenty of visitor berths and all facilities like water, showers,
toilets, fuel as well as 30 Ton travel hoist. There is a good selection of
shops for provisions. When I was there last the Amel berths were at the
North end of the South basin and there are usually plenty of Amel yachts in
the Marina. There are a few reasonable restaurants near the Marina but the
place tends to be rather dead in the winter. The Amel office is a short walk
into the town. If you need a hotel there isnít much near the Marina but
several a short drive away and taxis are available. The Marina is provides
quite safe shelter and it is easy to manoeuvre in with a SM and bow

Hope thatís useful. There are some web sites which show the layout the
satellite view is best.

Best regards

Peter SM2K 293 MAIA (in Malta)

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