Re: [Amel] Hyères Marina - info on Port Saint Pierre/Amel Shipyard

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Hi there are 2 harbors in Hyerse enter the one to the left facing the shore. The one on the right about 1/2 mile south is for small boats.

A nice stop is the island of Poqurell (spelling?). Go to the docks it is cheap this time of year. you are aware that most of France will be closed for 2-3 weeks The town of Hyeres up the hill is very nice.

Have fun enjoy the Holiday season.

Richard Piller

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Hello All,

I am sailing my SM from Barcelona to the Amel shipyards in Hyères next week.
I've been pouring over the charts, Sailing Directions & other publications and have spoken with the Port Captain at Port Saint Pierre but still feel like more information would be useful.

Can anyone who has sailed to the Amel shipyard in Hyères and stayed at at Port Saint Pierre offer any handy tips or local information? The best I could get from the Port Captain was "Use the south entrance, it is no problem."

Thanks in advance,

Jim A.
SM 384 Sirena Azul

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