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Hi you need the head sail and a main deeply reefer. I also bring the laze sheet over to wind ward incase the windward wears thru.

Richard Piller

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Thanks for that info jme, that gives me a good starting point. I thought they
might have heaved-to with just the tripple reefed main.

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This is a subject that has been replied to earlier. In review reduce the main to
the 3rd reef. Bring it tight flat to the centerline or very slightly to windward
Reduce the head sail to a position that puts the clue well inside the most
forward stay. Back wind the head sail turn the wheel to windward and tie it off.
Then go have a cup of tea until it gale blows itself out. We've done it in 35-50
it's and very big seas.

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On Dec 13, 2010, at 6:40 PM, Conn Williamson <connwilliamson@...> wrote:

Has anyone had the fun experience of having to heaving-to in gale force winds

a Mango-Supermaramu. What sails worked best and how much sail area. How did the

boat behave.

Cheers....Conn Mango #28


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