Heavy Weather

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I have successfully used the Jordan series drogue twice in my life. The last
time ,2008, the winds were force 12 and seas as reported by the coast guard
to be 50-60 feet.

We were the only boat not to have sunk or been severely damaged, both times.

I do not believe in sea anchors, Google Jordan series drogue and watch the
video, there are also some wave tank tests.

I would not leave home without it.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I have that Pardy's book and they recomend deploying a chute or parra anchor
the windward bow to stop the forward drift. It"s good to hear some Amel
tips and experiences. Thanks

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I tried heaving to with my SM243 and found that I couldn't slip exactly
as recommended by the Pardee's. No matter what I did, I sailed forward at
1/2 kt, which was fine for calming the motion, getting some rest and
but I sailed out of the boat's slick to windward. In a big sea it's my
understanding that if you can slip directly downwind, the slick created by
boat will prevent waves from breaking on your beam. I think that I would
to drag something on a yoke from the bow and stern so that I could adjust
attitude of the boat to be able to slip directly downwind.

If you figure something else out, please let us know.

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