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The slit was the width of the sawblade. The material is flexible enough to work with so you just need the one cut.

We've had ours on for over a year and they still look fine. We came back north for hurricane season so the boat only saw about 6 months of real tropical exposure.

I'm not sure how long they will ultimately last but for the cost of some PVC, I'm content with a few years of service.

You have different choices for seizing. A quick and dirty method is a tie wrap subsequently covered in tape. Or you can go fancy and do a traditional rope wrapping in which case the thing should last for a long time because you can just renew the wrapping.


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I was thinking of that,

However how long does it hold up in the Caribbean sun?

Did you cut a very small slit ? or what size,? What did you seize it with?

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Available at any hardware store.....PVC pipe
I use a table saw to cut a slit.
After installing I seize it every 500mm or so.

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Does anyone have a source for the large diameter plastic rigging covers in
the USA or Caribbean? The smaller stuff is readily available, although it
only lasts about 2 years in the strong sun.

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