Re: Insurance



Seven Seas Cruising Association has a number of insurers listed on
their web site. In particular, Bluewater has insured quite a few
members in the past. Check out more at:

Also, the Dashews (who have many miles sailing doublehanded their 60
footer (Sundeer) and 80 footer (Beowulf) were asked about insurance.
Here's what they said in their web site

"How do you get insurance to sail as a couple on BEOWULF? I have
friends with a Tayana 52 in Hawaii, who are now kind of stranded
because their Lloyds policy requires four crew and the other couple
(the guy actually) wimped while they were all headed for NZ. Or do
you sail bare (which is what I am doing right now as a
singlehander)? -Lesley"
"Hi Lesley: Our policy allows us to sail with just two. It is
written with Cigna, and our agent is Paul Itel at Serve
Underwriters. Paul's number is 805-730-7370/800-537-3738. I know the
availability varies with boat size, equipment, and the experience of
the crew. Good luck--Steve Dashew"

Best regards,

Richard Tate
SM "Spice"

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