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I am about to finalise the purchase of a Maramu and am looking to insure her. Could
you let me have details about the company, my search of the web came up with so
much information that it became incomprehensible.

Thank you.

Horst Pause

On 3 Jul 2003 at 8:46, Ian Shepherd wrote:

' My Apologies to all and to Assurance Maritime. When I sent the following, I made
' a mistake with the maths. The insurance premium is not 1.27% but 0.783%, which
' is very competitive these days. It is an excellent deal. They have extended my
' Northerly latitude to include Prins Christianssund Sound in Greenland, without
' charge.
' I did query the rather low southerly latitude limit, and they said that this
' was to exclude the passage down the east side of South Africa around Capes
' Agulas and Hope. However, they did say that an extension is possible. I hope so
' as New Zealand is very much on my list!
' Previously Sent:
' "Assurance Maritime in La Rochelle came up with world wide cover from 60N to 30S
' at 1.27% with a 0.4% deductible. This is a special deal for Amel owners only and
' is known as the "Prestige Amel" contract. Contact is Monsieur Alain de Lassee at
' "
' Ian Shepherd SM #414 "Crusader"

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