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Dear Amel Group,

I am considering replacing the standing rigging on my 1989 Maramu.
My surveyor and rigger have advised me that the stainless steel brace
for the genoa pole causes damage to the shrouds for the main mast.
They say that the stainless steel brace should be eliminated and the
Amel genoa pole should be replaced with a conventional whisker pole.
This would prevent the crevice corrosion and bending of the shrouds.
While it makes sense to keep the shrouds free of attachments, the
Amel genoa pole is an excellent device and I like it.

Have any of you experienced problems with this brace and the standing
rigging. Deterioration of the shrouds? Bending of the shrouds?
Failure? Has the stainless steel brace been improved to prevent
problems? Have you eliminated this pole? How do you protect the

I would appreciate the thoughts of Amel owners, Chantiers Amel, and
Joel Potter. Thank you.

David Lambertsen, s/v Have Fun! Maramu 258

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