Hydraulic Leak in SM 2000 Alma Libre

Dimitris <dkra@...>

Dear All,
I faced a problem with the SM 2000 Alma Libre which I want to
share with you just in case you have the same problem in the future.
We were motor sailing with 8 Knots and suddenly the boat started to
slow down and the motor started to increase rpm. Immediately I
reduced the throttle and opened the engine room which was messed
with red colour Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).
The problem started from a leak between the hydraulic gear box and
the valve of the shaft break. I was able to locate the leak and
stop it but I could not use the motor as the quantity of ATF I had
with me was not sufficient and I was afraid that by using the motor
without enough ATF I could damage the hydraulic gear box . In the
mean time I spoke with the Technical department in Amel and they
advised me to unscrew the large screw in the back of the shaft break
cylinder in order to disable the break as it needs a lot of
hydraulic pressure to be disengaged when you start the engine and I
continued by sails ( 9 hours) until the next port to find and fill
the gear box ATF. So carry with you at least 3 Litters of ATF it
may be necessary in case of a leak.

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