Re: [Amel] SM Max prop anode excessive wastage

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Eric, what to you attach the boat side of your zink too??
Richard SM 209

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On mt Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite the engine is disconnected from the
ground by a gold Valeo contactor except when the engine is started. My
engine is not grounded. However I always hang a Zink over the side and it
gets quite eroded over the season.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Subject: Re: [Amel] SM Max prop anode excessive wastage

Put a volt meter on the shaft and ground it to the engine. If you get a
reading check the engine ground first. You may also get the sinks on the
prop working against those on the rudder. You might ck the condition of the
ground wires to the rudder. Are you using your ssb more then normal that can
also have an effect. Good luck. One last thing the metal content on the
zinks can also have an effect.

Regards in Annappolis SM 209 for sale.
Richard Piller

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My max prop anode on SM140 has recently been suffering from excessive
wastage. She is not in a marina or plugged in to shore power. The 2 anodes
on the rudder are performing "normally". The only recent change to
electrical equipment was a new nautic boiler, (wired in as per the original)
but that shouldn't affect the prop anode.

Any one else had this problem, if so was there a quick fix?


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