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Hi Graham,

Are you in Canada? I am considering an Amel Sharki as an ideal platform
for my wife and I future cruise (2012 or 2013 departure) and would like
to chat about the boat with an experienced owner. I am very familiar
with the Maramu having cruised it quite a bit in the Caribbean years ago
but never been on a Sharki and wonder about similarities, etc. Anyhow,
I am in Toronto and will gladly buy you a coffee if you'd like to chat.

Thanks a million in advance.

Fair winds.

Jorge Gomez


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Ian and Judy, it seems you have moved on to sunnier climes since our
meeting in Tobermory last July.
We cruised the Med for 30 years from Gib to Greece and only used Camping
Gaz bottles. The only place we had any issue was Sardinia but when we
asked around we always managed get them filled. We did not visit Turkey
and the African coast so I have no idea what is the position there.

As far as rules and regs go the in my experience the UK seems to be the
only country that is blighted by them, everyone else just ignores
them,especially the Greeks and Italians!

I doubt if I any other bottle other than Camping Gaz would fit in the
gas locker on the Sharki so I intend to carry my gravity filling gear
and buy a local bottle if necessary. Should we ever be able to cast off
the shore lines again!
Graham. Zephyr .Sharki 181

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Subject: [Amel] Gas in the mediterranean
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Hi y'all, In the last few years, spent in South America, we have used UK
gas bottles. We have refilled these where possible, either with propane
or butane. Most countries in South America will fill any bottle,
regardless of of its origin, and where that wasn't possible we bought a
local bottle and gravity fed its contents into one of our own. Pen Azen
is now in the Med and likely to remain there for some years, sailing in
all waters. In the brave new EU world of Elf and Safety it seems each
European country now has its own bottles and won't fill those from
another country. We would be interested to hear of the experience of
other Med boaters and what solution they suggest. Is Camping Gas the
answer? Are there countries where it's not available? Ian and Judy, Pen
Azen, SM302, San Carles de la Rapita

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