Spreader LED Replacement LEDs 12V


I have posted pictures of 2 different types of 12V LED spreader bulbs that fit in the existing mounts on the mizzen and main masts. One is a cool white with 2 dozen or so leds the other is warmer white and uses 3 elements and has cooling fans. Both are rated at 40,000 hours (55 months of continuous use)and draw very little current--about 0.5 amps@12 volts vs 3.0 amps for the 35 watt Wagner 4411 that they replaced. I'm pleased with both of them. I think the lower temp is better for cockpit illumination, so I use it on the mizen projector and the whiter one on the main spreader.

These are 12v PAR 36 replacements for slip on/screw on terminal connections.

I have lost track of the vender of the cool white version but it was about $39, so shop around as I have seen these for up to $90 US. The finned version was around $60 and I got it from AtlantaLightBulbs dot com. They carry both a 5 watt, 240 lumen and a 9 watt 500 lumen. The 240 lumen version seems more than adequate

The finned version is a bit tight in the original mounting. You have to trim off 2 of the fins on either side to allow the retainer clips to engage, also has to be rotated first to fit. I have attached photos in the Brittany de la Mer photo album.

Brittany de la Mer Santorin 86

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