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No longer in Opua? Close the shop?

Yes, please send the photos to svbebe"at"

I do not have a quote yet, but another yacht here has received a quote from SevenStar from Cochin to Marmaris, Turkey. The quotes we receive will be based on filling currently unfilled space on a vessel that is scheduled from China to Marmaris, so may not be indicative of actual pricing.

I will let you know when I receive the quote.


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Hi Bill

I have had Wanderer Lifted on to a vessel via the lifting eyes. There was no problem with the boat she was fine. Make sure that they have the proper size crane and that the cradle is properly designed. Good move on shipping the boat. I too would be quite intrested in what it would cost. I have pictures of the lift and set up if you need them.

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Does anyone have experience using the 4 deck level lifting points to lift a Super Maramu?

Because of the recent change in Pirate activity and the unrest in Egypt, we are considering transport via SevenStar from India to Turkey.

If I can use the lifting points, I will eliminate the removal of the Triadic stay to enable the clearance of their lifting gear slings.

So, obviously, I would like to eliminate the chore of removal and replacement of the Triadic stay while loading and unloading.


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Cochin, India

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