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Ed, no info on drogues or parachutes, sorry. I do carry 150 m of leaded warp to trail, but as I am now sailing in coastal waters of Red Sea - Egypt, not likely to deploy.

In terms of spare sails: I have a 1984 Maramu with: -

Normal cruising Main, Mizzen and Genoa.

To this is added a small jib flying off the inner forestay (with permanent roller reefing). This to be used in combination with second reef points fitted in the Mizzen, so that I can sail off a lee shore even in storm conditions. Both sails permanently deployed and ready to go.

Down below I also carry a No 3 Genoa and a Storm Genoa (from Amel).

Hope useful, Mark (Synnefoula - Maramu)

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Drogues, Parachutes and Spare Sails

Does anyone have any experience with or comments regarding the use of drogues and parachutes for severe conditions? Several authors have stated their preference for drogues but the Pardeys in their book "Storm Tactics" seem to prefer a parachute off the bow. Hopefully none of us will ever need either but what do Amel users carry?

My second question regards "spare sails". I do have an ATF storm jib for severe conditions but do Amel users carry any spare sails (Genoa, Main or Mizzen) on long passages or just rely on Amel to send a replacement of a non-repairable sail at the next port of call?

Ed Steele

"DoodleBug" #SM331

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