Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Deck Grooves

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Hello Mr. Rossi,

The problem with the dark brown deck stripes is that they are made of gel
coat. The darker the gel coat, the faster it oxidizes and fades away. You
can preserve new gel coat with judicious applications of proper ultra violet
inhibitors. It is nearly impossible to restore faded/missing dark brown gel
coat. When you polish or clean it, you are removing it.

The fix is tedious and time consuming if you do it yourself or rather
expensive ($1500) if you hire it out. In twenty five years of preparing
used Amels for the resale market, the only real solution is to paint these
stripes on with two part polyurethane paint after scrupulous preparation of
the surface as directed by the instructions on the paint can. READ THE
INSTRUCTIONS! It will save a lot of grief.

Some automotive paint supply stores (wholesale level) sell very nice narrow
gauge paint rollers with a self contained paint reservoir. I have used
these to good effect. Otherwise, mask and use artist camel hair brushes.
The results will please you if you carefully prepare and mask the surface

Good luck.

Joel F. Potter SMM # 400

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