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Does anyone have any good techniques for darkening the faded dark
grooves in the faux teak decks. I'm OK with the faded "teak"
boards, but want to darken the gooves which have faded and
disappeared in places.

Bob Rossi, Santorin "Hanalei"

I have SM6 which obviously is one of the first SM's made. The whole
boat is well maintained and looks good for her age. The decks however
are totally faded. My response? Leave it alone, the longer it ages
and fades the more realistic the "Faux" looks. I have had many people
ask why my SM has real teak and others have fake. That's how real it
looks when it gets really faded. Stick with it, it will look good
later and save you a lot of money/work. That's why Henri hates wood
on deck.
Bob Linley
SM6 "Minaxi"

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