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I spent 26 years "on the waterfront" We lifted any thing that came along including locomotives, hugh trucks, boats, you name it. You may suggest a few things to the dock boss but the decision is his to make. Trust me, he won't damage your boat. He has a mixture of cables, spreader bars, hooks and cradles to lift any thing. He does not want to scratch your boat, his job and reputation depends on it. The dock gang and the ship gang will be watching the boat as its lifted to make sure the mast and rigging clears everything, its there job. It will be gently placed in a cradle and lashed down. Trust these guys. We never dropped a boat. John, "Moon Dog" SM 248

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 05:29:43 +0000
Subject: Re: [Amel] Yacht Transport via SevenStar Yacht Transport Maldives to Turkey


I previously told the transport company about the chin plate lift-points and they said that the "loadmaster" will make the final decision for the company on using them.

I have looked at the chain plate lifting points and in fact the Main Mast chain plate lift point is about 0.75 meter aft of the Main...the Mizzen plate is even with the Mizzen. Visualize two cranes...1 forward, 1 aft. The cranes have a lifting boom which supports either a strap to go under the hull, or two cables - one from the lifting boom to the port chain plate and one from the lifting boom to the starboard chain plate. The triadic has to be removed -OR- the lifting boom has to be higher than the main mast to clear the Triadic.

I am not an engineer, but my guess is that all of this really depends on the scope of the lifting cranes when settling the boat onto the deck...certainly not an issue when the cranes swing out over the side to lift the boat, but at some point in the lift, the cranes have to really be reaching out in order to keep the lifting boom clear.

Thanks very much for your reply, but still hoping to find someone who has done it.


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387

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Can or will they lift from the chain plates.

Yes the tri needs to be there to stabilize the masts.

Be sure to leave a coat of soap on deck so you can wash of the dirt when you get to the med.

Richard Piller

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Our timing of our circumnavigation was perfectly timed for a 13 time increase in pirate activity in the Indian Ocean. Several weeks ago and before the capture of Quest and the murder of the 4 crew, we made arrangements to ship BeBe to the Med via SevenStar. I believe the transport is now fully booked.

SevenStar is telling me that I will need to remove the Triadic Stay before the lifting in & out and reattach it once the lift is complete. They use two cranes, each with one sling...1 crane/sling fore, 1 crane/sling aft.

My questions are:
1.) Has anyone experienced loading and unloading with SevenStar?
2.) Did you have to remove the Triadic?
3.) Assuming that the Triadic needs to be removed, I believe that we will first take all tension of the back stays, then remove the Triadic from the Main Mast (the Triadic has a coax cable attached to it from the Mizzen, so removal from the Main seems the only way)...I am wondering if the Triadic needs reattachment for the ride aboard the transport ship?

I appreciate any and all input and comments on this matter.


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Cochin, India

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