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Hello Ian,

It's my 50th Birthday and I'm assisting my mid life crisis by improving my
open wheel racing skills, what fun! I'm up at ROAD AMERICA in Wisconsin
for some formula car racing school at my favorite track.

The BEST Volvo diesel mechanic I have ever had experience has moved North
from Ft. Lauderdale to the Palm Beach area. He is KLAUSE of KLAUSE MARINE.
His phone # is 1 (561) 383-5055. He is as strident and opinionated as I am
which may rub some the wrong way but he knows what he is doing. If he can't
fix it...cant be fixed.

The local guy in Fort Lauderdale is John O'Hara of O'Hara Marine, 1 (954)
765-1960. I have not had occasion to try him yet.

Hope this helps.
All the best,
Joel F. Potter - Super Maramu #400

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From: Ian & Judy Jenkins []
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 7:01 PM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Volvo agent

Can anyone send me the email address of a good Volvo agent in Florida--
maybe the one who Joel Potter uses--he is away until 12 Sept. Thanks. Ian
Jenkins SM 302

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