Hotwater tank anode

ianjenkins1946 <>

I have a Nautic 45 hotwater tank on my SM 302.Now three years old I am about to replace the anode. The instructions that came with the boat are actually for a different Nautic model but recommend that the anode be changed annually. Amel told me it wasnt strictly necessary to change so often unless we had been using shore power all the time, which we havent been .
I assume that to change the anode you drain down the fresh water from the tank, slacken off the two stainless fixing bands so that you can move the tank sufficiently to remove the plastic cover on the base whereupon all will be revealed, and that then its just a matter of undoing a nut in the bottom of the tank , removing the stub of the old anode and replacing the new one.( Im assuming that I will find that the anode has its own access hole into the tank and that its not , for instance, part of the heater element fixing)
If anyone has already carried out this operation and knows of any problems or tips that you should look out for, I should be interested to hear.
Thanks, Ian Jenkins

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