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Malcolm Phillips <MPhillips@...>

Hi Gianni,

The bearing at the bottom of the motor has failed due to the
boat having been sailed sometime

with the bowthruster down. The danger is that the rotor on
the electric motor is damaged and the

commutator requires to be machined. In any event, the bearing
is readily available and is retained

in the cast iron housing at the bottom of the electric

The best method is to disconnect and drop the bowthruster
assembly and then lower the electric

motor onto blocks inside the enclosure without disconnecting
the power cables. The end housing

can then be removed and the bearing replaced.

I have replaced the unit on a friend's S/M and would urge
some caution as the electric motor is


The replacement electric motor from Amel is VERY expensive and
it is well worth contacting a local

DC rewinding electrician to skim the commutator and save the

All the Best 1

Malcolm, S/M 464 Bon Jovi

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Subject: [Amel] Bow thruster
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To all,
the problem I have is the breakage of ball bearing inside the bottom
part of motor, not in side the feet.
The bearing is where the axis goes out of body motor.
I wish to know if some one has removed it.
do better Understand go to
"Bow thruster service" I have broken the bearing that in phto appears
perfect and cleaned.

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