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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi, on a previous boat I found that salt is a great enemy of furler rollers.. Had one sieze up in mid ocean, couldnt move it either way. Un wrapped the headsail by hand, droped the sail and flushed the top roller with fresh water and greased it. Worked perfectly and from then on I cleaned and greased it periodically and never had trouble again.
With the Amel I periodically drop the sails and wash and lubricate the headsail, main and mizzen rollers. Suggest before you buy a new one, try washing the salt out and lubricating it.
Cheers from Sunny Mangonui in New Zealand 
Danny and Yvonne
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Subject: [Amel] maramu mail roler furler swivel
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The main roler furler swivel has frozen up and the top and bottom will not turn independently. I have tried to break it free but there is no room to work inside the mast. I believe I will need to drop the mast in order to pull the swivel out the bottom. Does anyone know if these swivels are still available? Has anyone had to work on their swivel and if so does it come apart fairly easily. If I want to check with Amel on purchasing a new one, who do I contact?

Thanks in advance for you advise.

Bob & Joyce
S/V Chara
HIN 173

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