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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Garyl,
the first time the furler jammed on the previous boat the headsail was half furled and we were in mid ocean 600 miles from any where. Luckily there was light wind at the time so we labouriously manually unwrapped the head sail by passing it around the forestay one wrap at a time. Then we dropped the sail to check the roller not knowing what had caused the failure.. In the absence of a better idea we gave it a good flushing with fresh water splashed from a bucket (no hose on that boat). The furlex unit had grease points and we had the opropriate grease on board so we inserted it and all was good. P.S. to this was that 48 hours later we were in the lead up to a full on Pacific storm and had to unroll the furler to put on the storm jib. Had it jammed then we would have been in big trouble. No way we could have unwrapped it in 50 knots rising to 70. The point to repeating this story is to emphasise that a simple maintenance process can save a serious
Now to the Amel SM 2000. Just unroll the sail, (main, mizzen or headsail) drop the halyard so you can access the roller. Flush it with fresh water and leave to dry. These units dont have grease points so I use a needle point grease gun to insert the grease as close to the rollers as I can. I use a light grease as recommended for winches. Work it in as best you can and spin the roller by hand before rehoisting. a good chance to check the halyard condition where it attaches and to the check the sail attachment to the roller, both are prone to wear. A bit of helpful information. To drop the main halyard attach a tail to it with a bowline passed through the loop that goes over the holder slide, the slot into the mast is sized to allow it through.
SM299 Ocean Pearl

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Danny and Yvonne

Hi guys:

Can you be a little more specific about the process. Do you take a hose aloft and flush water down thru the furling foil on the jib/headstay? Do you then apply grease to the cavity where the jib foil is on the stay? What exactly is the process on the main and mizzen furling mechanism at the top to the masts?

Detailed instructions would be appreciated. Perhaps even write up the process in detail and post it in the Files section,

Many thanks,

Gary Silver
Amel SM 2000 # 335

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