Refrigerator salt water pump Amel 54

Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

Our Amel 54 #56 is tited with 3 refrigerator units cooled by a Climma salt water pump and controlled by a Climma control unit in the engine room.

We have recenntly had a failure, I thought of the pump but am now not so sure. have repplaced the pump and then found that the 2 Amp spade fuse on the control box had blown. Replacing it, with the new pump connected, and the fuse blew again. As we are miles from assistance, with a freezer with some good meat stored, I have had to try a 5 amp fuse which appears not to blow (2 days). The motor end of the pump is however running very hot.

A further complication is that the power supply measures 24v, the control unit indicates 24v but the two pumps installed by Amel from new are clearly marked 12v. A spare purchased from Amel is also clearly marked 12v.

SAV at Amel suggest that the problem is calcified pipes and have mnot responded on the 12/24 v issue, but I am not so sure.

Does anyone have any informaiton or ideas about this. Some experience with de-salting the salt water manifold and refrigerator pipes would also be appreciated.

Martin Bevan
Caduceus Amel 54 #56
Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

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