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We did both with great success.

Richard Piller

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About a year ago I put Sew Clean in my toilets,hoses and the bottom couple of inches of the holding tanks, to insure it filled the outlet hose. This product is especially designed for black water systems to clean out pipes and eliminate odors. After 24 hours I pumped the solution out and a lot of crud came out. So far I'm happy with it. I'm hoping that one treatment a year will eliminate all odors and problems. I also used their other product called Barnacle Buster. Its primarily for engines. I closed off the salt water intake of my Volvo ,after the water pump, and then circulated the solution for 45 minutes using a small 12 volt pump and a combination of hoses and a bucket. I didn't see much dirt in the water so I assumed it didn't work very well. Two weeks ago I had a mechanic working on the engine and he had to take off the back plate of the heat exchanger. He called me over to tell me I had a really clean heat exchanger and that's when I could see the results of the Barnacle Buster. I am going to put sew clean in the manifold and pump it through the toilets and air conditioners in a few weeks, I'll let you know the results John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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