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Hi Ian and Judy

My Amel 54 Atica is in Spain too, and also I am inclined to agree somewhat
with Rainer. But there are exceptions and Amel representatives in
Spain Bárbara and Pol, who are with (Tel. 965 14 68 87),
are surely among them. They have been helping me out for a while now,
pointing me to the right direction. Honest, nice and helpful. Works for me.

I live in Brazil and I am just a customer.

Roque S/Y Atica, Amel 54, Spain

2011/3/17 Rainer Huthmacher <thelastoneever@...>

Hello Ian and Judy,
As my SM is in Spain too and I had to fix a crapload of stuff last year, I
can only warn you about service, mechanics and electricions in Spain. 3000.-
Euro for a charger is a rip off!!!!
A state of the art baterycharger like Victron Energy, Mastervolt, Sterling
etc is maximum 1000.-
In my opinion, if you have to fix something on your Amel in Spain buy the
part online and do it yourself or sail your boat to France.
In Spain no qualification is needed to call yourself a mechanic or an
It sounds harsh but I lived for 7 years in Spain speak fluent spanish and
know what I am talking about...
All the best to you
Rainer SM#69 Yin Yang

To: amelyachtowners@...
From: ianjudyjenkins@...
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:08:07 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Dolphin Battery Charger on SM

Hi y'all, An electricity spike in our Spainsh marina damaged our 25
Ah Dolphin charger made by Reya and fitted originally by Amel in 2000. The
local dealer has now told me that the charger is irrepairable and has quoted
just over 3,000 Euros for a new one. That seems to me to be a crazy price.
Has anyone recently bought a replacement for their 25Ah charger ? If another
Reya Dolphin I would be interested to know what type and price. I would also
be interested to hear of any alternative makes and prices that have been
used. Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Spain

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