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Chris If you are at 28.1 volts for a long time check you charger that is to high. Also keep an eye on battery heat as well as the condition of the acid. It should be around 1250.

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for your suggestions
I have 12 new DEKA lead acid deep cycle batteries. About 630 Ah.
My Dolphin 30 A charger works slowly up to 28.1,2 v. Than, I suppose, it should go down to about 27 /26.5 v in stand by. ( no boost).
The my one seems to remain at 28.1 for long time boosting few amperes.
Is the charger to little for my 630 Ah ?
thanks in advance
All the best
Gianni Testa

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Hi every body,
I've been reading all the posts about battery chargers and sizes etc etc with interest, and hark back to the "old days" when there was only one type of battery and one type, (usually from the local garage), of charger, which you temporarily rigged to your battery,(ies), if you had a "big boat"!
I've spent some time giving briefings to fellow cruisers on battery's a subject my wife says she's heard so often........why don't yacht builders do it she asks!
With modern smart mains driven chargers, the charging profile is set by the selection of "battery type" on the charger. This is important as gel cell, lead acid, alkaline and others have different charging regimes. Some take a high initial charge, tapering off with rising battery voltage, others need a constant current charge, whilst others need a dwell period with no charge, before restarting the charge cycle etc etc..
Most modern "smart chargers" can cope with this, and with a shore powered system you are less concerned about time to full charge, so a 30 or 40A charger is OK for about 300-500AH of installed capacity. (remember to include your engine start battery if it's separate)
Running on generator you want a faster charge, so a 50A (or higher) charger to speed up the recharge cycle - 50A at 24V is a little over 6A at 220v depending on charger efficiency. But on engine alternator the ideal alternator size is between 1/3 to 1/5 of your installed capacity.
I still run on 6v lead acid (golf cart) batteries ganged to give me 350AH, supported by a 70A 12v engine alternator, and a 45A shaft alternator. (balanced so it runs with engine on)
For those with lead acid batteries, I can post notes on what I regard as the critical aspect of battery management - namely equalization, which if your smart charger supports it is the way to prolong battery life. Early Amels, like my Santorin, live or die on the effeciency of their batteries, as they are things that cope with the sudden high demands of furling motors or bow thrusters.
More later - if anybody wishes - sorry if I am preaching to the converted

Mike &amp; (long suffering wife Chris)
Akwaaba SN 27

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Hi Ian and Judy, I would take their advice. Just make sure that the internal charge control switch is set for your type of batteries. Good Luck with it. Anne and John, SM 319.

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Hi Anne and John, Thanks for that. I suspect that the Spanish distributor had his eye on the main chance--I have since found out that the modern replacement sold by Reya is priced by them at 851 Euros ( much the same price as in 2003). As a matter of interest why would you prefer the 100 Ah version? The Reya website recommends their Model 30, Code 299712, as being appropriate for a battery capacity of 500AH, 24 volt. " Model 30" seems to be based on the fact that the maximum output on the DC side is 30A. Ah, the black art of marine electrics... Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Spain

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 15:21:27 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Dolphin Battery Chargers
Hi Ian and Judy, My boat is only a few weeks older than yours and has two chargers,30 and 50 amp.I had a problem with one and sent it back to Reya who repaired it and sent it back promptly and so far as I recall it was not very expensive.I removed the circuit board and only sent that to reduce weight. The company is in the S of France and the web site is Reya. com. Email export at but my contact was an Irish girl lucy.kelly at The phone no is 0033 0493904700.
The man who had his electronics destroyed by a lightning strike got new ones at the expense of his insurers and perhaps you could do the same as you have an agents report that yours is irrepairable. From memory the standard SM only had a 30amp charger and the 50 was an extra. I have little doubt that if I had to replace my chargers I would go for the 100 amp version The modern versions are a bit different and and have an adjustment for the type of battery with a choice of about 6 or 7 types.The instruction manuals for the current models is on the Reya web site. Incidentally when I had mine repaired I asked them to make it as their standard model as I had little faith that the Amel version was as good as the Reya version.
Happy charging, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319
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