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Thanks to all who replied to our bilge pump repair inquiry. We were able to find a used pump from another Amel owner who had replaced his. After a day taking their unit apart and rebuilding ours it now works. Returned the old one without the nylon gear ring.
As to the replacement part, we had little luck in tracking it down. When we were at Amel in Martinque they had 2 pumps and the part we needed had been removed. Their only suggestion was to buy a whole new pump. Our pump was manufactured in Italy by A.M.F.A. Pompe s.r.l , Via Grange Palmero,188 10091 Alpingnano (Torino). The new pump gives an address of Reya, 144 Ave De La Roubine, 06156 Cannes, La Bocca, France . The pumps have the same parts and we think Reya is just a wholesaler and not the manufacturer. Reya is a supplier that sources marine items such as the Dolphin charger.
We will be going to France and possibly Italy next month and we will try to source the replacement parts. If there is a desire and we find the parts, could people let us know as we may have them shipped back. We will be flying back to St Martin mid May and then heading to East coast of the USA and Canada the latter part of May.

Paul LaFrance
SV NOMAD SM362 Currently in St Lucia

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