Re: [Amel] Dolphin Battery Chargers

1- Why AMEL do that, I don't know perhaps it was no space enough on the
switch to make a good work !
2- on the charge I had a few mili-volts between the diodesand their
radiators (I cleaned the pcb and change the pop rivers with screws)

Le 19/03/2011 15:40, amelliahona a écrit :

Jean Luc:

Regarding your post:

"If you send it to the manufacturer*be VERY careful on my SM316 if you
disconnect the battery with the 2 switches placed in the corridor the
battery voltage is NOT DISCONNECTED from the charger => BIG DANGER* ! ."
My boat is SM335 so I am assuming that it is wired the same as yours. If I
understand correctly your statement, the chargers are wired directly
to the
batteries and DO NOT CONNECT VIA THE SHUT OFF SWITCHES in the quarter
berth companionway? That seems very strange. Any idea why Amel would
do that? You mentioned that you changed your wiring. Specifically what did
you do?

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335 Delivered July 1, 2001

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