Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Pointing ability of Super Maramu

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Hello David,

Flat water, 34-36 degrees apparent is achievable with concentration and 40
degrees is easy. 45 degrees can be counted on in all but the worse
wind/wave conditions with an unfurled jib. If your sails are original, I'll
bet they have deteriorated more than you imagine. Weight plays an important
part of the equation as most Amels are too front heavy when loaded for
cruising. Get weight out of the bow. A clean bottom and an undamaged
leading edge to the keel are obvious further considerations.

My new boat with new sails and relatively empty will go to 33 degrees in
flat water and 38 degrees is easy enough for the pilot to manage when
steering to the wind instrument. Watch the weight! It's easy to accumulate
lotsa stuff!

Hope this helps.

Joel F. Potter, Super Maramu Millennium # 400 ( MARY BROWN)

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