Re: [Amel] Connecting battery cables


While on the subject of batteries, be sure to make a cover for at least one
of and preferably both of the threaded "posts" that the main positive and
negative battery cables are connected to inside the battery containment on
the Super Maramu and later boats that have the fiberglass tub battery
containment under the passageway berth. If you accidentally drop a metallic
tool across these posts, it will immediately fuse and glow red hot and you
will have your own little Chernobyl/China Syndrome. It happened on a client
of mine's boat. It was not pretty.

As a point of interest, the 30 amp charger was selected by Amel to properly
charge the batteries when at the dock when living aboard. My Amel 54, which
sadly spends more time being washed and coddled while being tied to a dock
as I can't run away from home in it yet and use it for what it was designed
for, has the original batteries which are six years old and about 90% as
good as the day I first stepped aboard according to the load test I do
annually. They seldom see the 100 amp charger and the 30 amp treats them
just fine.

Now that I have bragged about how good these old batteries are, they are
certain to go into failure mode tomorrow.

Have fun with your Amel.

All the best,

Joel F. Potter - Cruising Yacht Specialist, LLC
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas
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