john martin <symoondog@...>

There has been a few post lately about using truck batteries in our Amels. It is my understanding that truck and car batteries cannot stand up to the rigors of a boat discharging its batteries constantly, hence we use marine or deep cycle batteries. Cruising Amels frequently discharge their batteries daily at the rate of 60% to 75% of their capacity, and 85% discharge is a good day. Golf cart batteries, ( if you can fit them ), are probably the best as they are designed to be almost fully discharged daily. If you are using your boat primarily in marinas and going for weekend sailing even car batteries will work fine and probably last for years. But if your intentions are to be anchoring out 50 to 80% of the time you better have deep cycle batteries on board. The Trojan marine 225 wet cell seems to be the most popular. I've used them twice and they fit and perform well. John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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