Re: [Amel] potentiometer on a Neco 692 MK3

Horst Pause <horst.puddleduck@...>

Neco changed hands several times, however, my wife found the last owners, their
engineer had a few of the old spares. Electronic now, comes with a small control
board and has worked perfectly (touch wood) ever since. Horst

From: lior 555 <>
Sent: Fri, 25 March, 2011 22:53:46
Subject: [Amel] potentiometer on a Neco 692 MK3

I have an amel maramu 155.
My neco auto pilot does not work. I checked the saw that the
potentiometer is broken and must be replaced.
could someone help me and tell me the right model and where i can buy it?

tanks a lot

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