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Hi David

I agree with everyone about the pointing ability of the SM. On my
boat with a new 140 headsail by super sailmakers I am seeing about 40
dg apparent. This weekend I came in 2nd in one of the local races. My
main competition were a Cardinal 46, J35 and a Benetau 42s7. Boats
known for their performance characteristics. In winds of 25 to 30
knots I held my own against these boats to windward and nailed them
off the wind. Most of the other boats including a J35 were nowere
close. Any pointing ability that I gave up to my competition was more
than made up to the ability of the SM to stand up to a breeze and its
pure speed.
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Hi All,

How close hauled should a Super Maramu sail? The best I can do is
45deg apparent, which basically means going to windward is very
and frustrating. In calm seas I can pinch up to maybe 40deg
sometimes but speed suffers badly and I usually end up with an
accidental tack. Am suspecting (hoping) I have a problem. Having
raced a lot I believe I know how to trim sails and I have a new

So is 45deg apprent normal? If not anyone ahve any suggestions as
my problem?

Gallant of Fowey

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