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I have just done the same job as Bill. Do not use the
Climma foam replacements ! !


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I replaced the filters twice with Climma filters. However, the foam that
the Climma filters are made of decentigrates in a short period of time
and gets into the evaporator coils and the ducts.

I was not where I could source the filters and had to come up with
another solution...I took two putty knives and separated the aluminum
frame by about 1/2" from the foam filters and removed the foam. I cut
some 1" thick polyester fiber filter media to fit the frame and pressed
the sides of the frame together to clamp the fiber. I used blue colored
fiber and the filters look fine. Go to any HVAC service provider...he
will have this filter media on a can reuse your aluminum
frames many times.

Hope this helps you.


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The air filters on the outside of the AC vents on my Super Maramu have
disintegrated. I have looked but have not found the right stuff. Does
anyone know where to get replacement filter material in the US?


Mark Pitt
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