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Patrick McAneny

Richard, Lightning was the one reason I could see for the insulator,It may
prevent a side flash from the mizzen into the cockpit.I am leaving the
motor and its attachment bracket in place I assume you are referring to the
s.s. bracket that attaches the motor to the deck.More than ready for summer.
Thanks, Pat

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Hi Pat, I'd leave the triatic with insulators as they also keep the rig a
bit safer in lightning storms.

There is a bracket under the roller you can also detach or your rigging
guy can detach at the top so go forth. Regarding the rivets they have to be
drilled if you need a HD rivet tool I have one here in Annapolis you are
welcome to use. Be sure to grease the gear box and device the motor too.
Maybe we can be back to spring Monday.
Let me know if you'd like some help.

Regards SM 209 for sale in Annapolis
Richard Piller

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I am dropping my mast next Monday to rerig and I need to decide to add
insulators to the triatic or not.I probably won't ever be using it as an
antennae so I can not see the reason for the insulator and neither can the
rigger. Is there another purpose it serves that justifies the expense?
Secondly,regarding the headstay ,outside of drilling out the rivets and backing
off the set screws, is there anything else that would prevent the forestay
aluminum extrusion from come free from the motor.I do not want to start
lifting the mast and find that the furler will not seperate.
Pat SM 123

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