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It is very interesting to read all these mails. My comment is that the
SM2000 is a superb boat for cruising and in cruising mode it outperforms
many cruisers/racers. My example is our recent common cruising with a superb
cruiser/racer from Denmark the X-562 (56 feet). I was sailing with my wife
and children the other boat had a crew of 3 sailors. We were able to arrive
always first to our end destination because we were able to start sailing 15
minutes before they were and we were able to reef online as we call it. When
the wind changed we wre able to hoist our mizzen staysail and we were again
faster although they were trying to hoist a gennaker. So the boat is
designed for cruising and it is fast, safe and easy to handle what are we
looking more than that.

Dimitris SM 2000 "Alma Libre" <>

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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Pointing ability of Super Maramu

Hello All,

I have read the various messages about the pointing ability of your boats,
saw, to my
horror, the suggestion to have an inside track fitted. Please don't - the
Amel boats are
the only ones where one can walk around on the deck without having to wear
with steel caps!

Also, it must have occurred to you that the (flatter) in-mast mainsail may
have some
influence on the drive of the boat when she's pointing high. I have only
compared this
on two Maramus, one with furling, the other with conventional main - the
difference was
just under 5 degrees (they both had reasonably new foresails).

Anyway, a ketch is not supposed to win races round the cans.


' Hi David
' I agree with everyone about the pointing ability of the SM. On my
' boat with a new 140 headsail by super sailmakers I am seeing about 40
' dg apparent. This weekend I came in 2nd in one of the local races. My
' main competition were a Cardinal 46, J35 and a Benetau 42s7. Boats
' known for their performance characteristics. In winds of 25 to 30
' knots I held my own against these boats to windward and nailed them
' off the wind. Most of the other boats including a J35 were nowere
' close. Any pointing ability that I gave up to my competition was more
' than made up to the ability of the SM to stand up to a breeze and its
' pure speed.
' --- In, "davidcrisp" <david@f...>
' wrote:
' > Hi All,
' >
' > How close hauled should a Super Maramu sail? The best I can do is
' > 45deg apparent, which basically means going to windward is very
' slow
' > and frustrating. In calm seas I can pinch up to maybe 40deg
' > sometimes but speed suffers badly and I usually end up with an
' > accidental tack. Am suspecting (hoping) I have a problem. Having
' > raced a lot I believe I know how to trim sails and I have a new
' > genoa.
' >
' > So is 45deg apprent normal? If not anyone ahve any suggestions as
' to
' > my problem?
' >
' > Regards
' > David
' > Gallant of Fowey
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