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Lior <lior246@...>

thank a lot richard.
i will be on the boat in about 4 weeks and then i will fix it.
i hope that when i come, i will not see only the mast above the water
thank again

ב-3 באפר 2011, בשעה 18:42, Richard Piller <richard03801@...> כתב/ה:

Lior, the tube is held by and plastic clip. it comes our very easy. Do NOT
forget to unplug the on off switch also at the top of the tube. Keep a bucket
handy as the business end of the tube have an unwelcome present for you. Check
the float the string is at the top. Clean the tube and the float to be sure it
moves freely in the tube. There is a rod with a pin in it that the string
attaches to be sure it is in the slot in the tube. This is not a big deal to
service for fix.
Good luck.
Richard on SM 209

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hi richard

thank a lot for the information. i know where is the switch. manuelly it works
perfect but when i turn it to automatic it deosnt work. the water alarm comes
before the automatic sensor.
i will search the tube and the string. can i take it out easy?

thanks and regards

ב-3 באפר 2011, בשעה 13:28, Richard03801 <richard03801@...> כתב/ה:

Hi there is a switch mounted on the top of the black tube that goes into the
bilge it is a simple on off unit with an arm and string when the float goes up
it pulls via the string and turns the pump on when the water drops off.

Good luck
Richard Piller sm 209

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On Apr 3, 2011, at 4:09, Lior <lior246@...> wrote:

the automatic bilg pump in our amel maramu does not work.
does anyone know how can i check the sensor and where it is?

sy sababa, maramu #155

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