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Hi George,
Removing the thruster in the water is not difficult. I've done it and would be happy to try to answer your questions.
S/V Revelation SM390

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I have not done it in the water, but I uploaded a set of in-the-water instructions that I originally received from Charlie Cronheim S/V MALAIKA II. You will find in the Files section of this websitea a newly uploaded file titled "Bow Thruster in the water repair.pdf"

I believe it will all make sense if you also download and print "BOW THRUSTER SERVICE by Gary Silver.pdf" from the files section of this website, and view and/or download from the Photo section of this website two photo albums entitled "SM227" and "BOW THRUSTER SERVICE".

I hope this helps,

s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Male, Maldives

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I am looking for some information from someone who has changed the seals of the bow thruster without hauling. I have a few questions and would appreciate hearing from someone who has had hands on experiece.

George Cerillo
SM #353
s/y Indecent

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