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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Pat, a friend with a SM has just gone through the process of removing the extrusion. He had a rigger do the job. Screws and rivets removed and try as they may they could not separate the extrusion from the motor, including taking the forestay off into the riggers workshop and using all the usual methods to loosen it. In the end they decided there was sufficent surplus length in the extrusion to allow them to cut it off flush and then dig the piece out of the motor top. Good luck.
Ocean Pearl (NZ)

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I am dropping my mast next Monday to rerig and I need to decide to add insulators to the triatic or not.I probably won't ever be using it as an antennae so I can not see the reason for the insulator and neither can the rigger.. Is there another purpose it serves that justifies the expense? Secondly,regarding the headstay ,outside of drilling out the rivets and backing off the set screws, is there anything else that would prevent the forestay aluminum extrusion from come free from the motor.I do not want to start lifting the mast and find that the furler will not seperate.
Pat SM 123

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