Re: [Amel] replacing seal on the rudder stock

Mark Hayden

I'm finishing replacing the seal on my rudder stock and thought I'd add a few more notes. Hope this is helpful.

* A 2-arm puller helped a great deal getting the quadrant off. Not sure how I would have removed the quadrant without a puller.

* For packing material, the 8mm (5/16") gland packing provided a good tight fit. 2ft was just enough for 3 rows, which I believe is what is required.

* Several people I talked with recommended using packing pre-impregnated with (I believe) PTFE-based lubricant, which is brownish in color (rather than white).

* I found a 5cm PVC pipe useful for packing the rows. This was the same pipe that I used for pushing the prop-shaft bearing lip seals. It seems like having a few feet of this on board is a good idea.

Now, hopefully there will be no more water leaking into our berth...

regards, Mark

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Hi the quadrant is in 2 parts and is more often then not fused or frozen to the shaft. Once you take off the bolts a block of wood and a hammer to get it off. The packing nut is under it. On some Amels we've used a penetrating
Oil like crv5 56 with heat and a pulled to get the quad to break free. Once off you will need a big flat adj wrench 3 1/4 " range to work it.
Richard Piller

On Jul 21, 2010, at 11:44, Paul LaFrance <pflafrance@...> wrote:

Our Quadrant over the nut appears to be welded to the post. Only one side comes off. Is this normal or does the whole assembly come off to reveal the not?

Paul LaFrance

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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 08:16:48 -0400
Subject: Re: [Amel] replacing seal on the rudder stock

Hi under the quadrant at the top of the hull there is a large nut there is not much space it is there that is what holds in the packing.


Richard Piller

On Jul 20, 2010, at 16:53, "deborah" <woodsdeborah_56@...> wrote:

Thanks for your reply. There is no obvious nut on our rudder post unless it is recessed into the tube through which the rudder post exits the boat. Is the nut on your boat obvious and just a large hex nut? or is it recessed?
Many thanks
Deb and John
Maramu Orion1
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HI, yes you can replace the seal from inside the aft cabin.
1- Get a large wrench that will adjust to fit the rudder post nut. (you can get
them at West and Defender or other marine stores.)
2- You will have to remove the quadrant on the rudder. That may also mean
taking off the rudder indicator for the auto pilot.
3- There is a tab on the nut to stop it from turning remove it.
4- Remove the quadrant you will need to use some CRC 5 56 or some other
penetrating oil.
5- Remove the big nut on the rudder shaft.
6- Use a pick to remove the old packing.
7- When installing the new packing cut the corners on an angle for a better
8- We used several rows of packing and coated it with silicon grease.
9- Re-install the nut (do not install the tab yet)
10- install the quadrant and turn the rudder to seat the seal.
11- Re-tighten the rudder nut and install the tab.
Key an eye on it for a while to be sure it has sealed.
Good luck.
Richard on SM 209
From: deborah <woodsdeborah_56@>
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Sent: Sun, July 18, 2010 12:31:43 PM
Subject: [Amel] replacing seal on the rudder stock
I wonder if you are able to help has anyone replaced the seal on the rudder
stock(shaft) accessible from inside the stern cabin on our Maramu. Some advice
on how would be really helpful.
Deb and John

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