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Pao-San #88

Very interesting input regarding the chain locker----I had exactly the same problem---forward locker full of water. I sailed from Norfolk Virginia to Panama without realizing the locker was full of water. Once I turned/opened the valve it all drained out and then I dealt with the mess---some of the wood was damaged and I removed it. I cut out the flooring---but left about 1-2 inches of the fiberglass flooring edge. I used this edge as a support for a new teak floor---similar in design to the shower floor in the Amel heads. It allows everything to breath/air out and dry. The strong wood design supports all my anchors and road. Any water drains out plus I can remove the floor by lifting it out and easily clean the chain locker. Like the best things in life---it is simple and it works!!!
Best Jim Dernehl

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Hi, Belit,
I own SM 243, and cleaned my chain locker out last Fall.  I thought the water drained outside the boat, but discovered that it actually drains through a hole in the bottom of the locker out through the grey water system into the bilge.  There is a valve under the cushion in the middle of the vee berth near the forward air conditioner that was closed until I discovered it.  The chain locker was full of water and salt.  I took all the chain out onto the dock, reversed it, and flushed the chain locker clean before I brought the chain back into the locker.  It is hard to get to (I had to get my girlfriend, Dawn, to undo the shackle on the end of the chain because I couldn't get but one arm into the locker).  The entry via the watertight door could have been a little bigger, but since I won't have to get into the locker very often, I'm happy having a watertight chain locker in the event of holing the front of the  boat.  I do close the valve when I'm
underway, but when I'm at anchor or on the dock, I open the valve and flush the locker with fresh dock water once in a while to keep salt from building up.
Hope that helps.

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Hi once again,

when cleaned my Chain locker earlier this week (highly recommended to do this -
lots of surprises there) have found out that:
1. access is terrible - believe (hope) there is a good reason for this.
2. that I have no clue where the water are drained from...
3. actually I found a clue which is a hole on the left side of the boat, but not
sure is the one - can anyone confirm?
4. again have no clue how to clean the draining (the whole way) - does anyone
have an idea?

hope someone could assist with it...



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