Re: Draining of water from chain locker

Craig Briggs

I also have a '92 Santorin.

The chain locker drain hose is on the port side and runs to the forward side of the Shower drain pan in the forward head. It has no valve.

Water runs from the chain locker, into the shower pan, then out the shower pan aft to the grey water sump. There is a valve under the dinette seat that you would close in an emergency were the forward end of the boat to become flooded and you were closing it off with the water tight door.

If yours is not draining well, that is, if water is accumulating in the chain locker, you can easily back-flush with a water hose from the shower pan. Do that several times, letting any debris run back into the shower pan. (And while you're at it, you can also flush out the hose that goes aft into the grey water sump.)

Btw, my forward deck locker floor also rotted out (port side). After I fixed it I made an open slatted louver that I use in place of the solid one into the chain locker (on the starboard side of the forward bulkhead). This allows fresh air into the chain locker to prevent future rotting. When we make passages I put the solid one back in place to keep the forward bulkhead water-tight. (Well, except for the drain hose that runs into the shower pan - your bilge pump would come on and alert you to the fact that you were taking water into the chain locker or the deck lockers.)

Craig Briggs SN#68 "Sangaris" in Greece

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Thanks Kent and Jim,

Forgot to mention that actually have reached the locker after repairing the floor of the right forward locker as the wood was exposed under the epoxy...(was humid and the spare anchor was sitting there directly on the floor and sharp steel + heavy whether x salty water + epoxy cover = cracks and rot apparently), however, did not understand fully, assuming the valve is in the same place (my is Santorin) when open the valve it goes directly to the sea unlike when it closed than goes to the bilge?
if not so, where the water supposed to go when the valve is closed?


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