Re: Zeise diesel generator

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Hi Richard,

The water "sensor" in the Zeisse capsule is a simple double wire with
a screw connector at the end. The foam in the container can get a bit
oily and wet and the screw connector rusts away. This connector must
be drifting somewhere under the genset, just try to find it, put a
new screw connector on and things should be OK.
The other main problem with the Zeisse is the sea water pump, driven
by a small belt wich slips easely. Normaly Farryman puts the pump
directly on the cranckshaft, this works fine.
I also changed the thermostat to an 85°C and changed the cooling to
fresh water cooling and the Genset runs very smooth now.
Good Luck !
Flash IV
S/M 17

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I have a Zeise installed in my Super Maramu. The control panel has
an indicator light notifying me that there's water in
the 'capsule'.
Does anyone know where or what this 'capsule' is, and how to remove
the water? The manual is no help to me on this matter!

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