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A few years ago the rubber covers on the buttons on top of the windlass deteriorated. Having no replacements I cut a piece of plastic sheeting and placed it over the buttons. I then taped the top and 2 sides down with gorilla tape, leaving the bottom open for ventilation. I took my time doing it and it looks great, and so far keeps them dry.

We have a terrible time keeping our props clean, and just a few barnacles can mess up our rpm's. The diver in our marina has an innovative way,(or so he says) of keeping the prop clean. He gave me a hell of a good price to keep the bottom clean while we are away for a few months. When I stressed the need to keep the prop cleaned, He says he only cleans it once and ties the folding blades together and then puts a couple of plastic bags tied tightly around the blades. He says "no Problem for months" If this works it would make sense to do this every time you are going to leave the boat for a while. It surely makes cleaning the bottom cheaper.
John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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