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If I remember correctly the watermaker draws about 13 amps while running and
a lot more to start the motors.

That would be a big inverter to start the watermaker. It would also draw
about 3000 watts while running , which would translate into needing about
125 amps at 12 volts to charge the batteries at 100 percent efficiency.

Please let me know how you make out sounds like a good idea. You might use
tuo inverters to run the watermaker. I (commercial here) I have a 24 volt
1500 watt to 115 volt inverter on eBay at this time, I just upgraded to a
bigger inverter for the new microwave.

Did you look into a plumbing supply for the sight tube you need. We have a
number of high pressure sight tubes that we use on our steam cleaners. 10
dollar for a piece of heavy gauge glass tubing . It comes in a 2 foot length
and you just cut it to size.

Fair Winds


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Richard, I was wondering if the engine alt. had enough output to keep the
batteries up while running the watermaker pump,through an inverter, without
overstressing the alt. If the SM 2000 starts selling parts off his old
w/maker let me know. I broke the glass meter and they want $400.00 for a
replacement.Seems like a lot of money for a small glass vial. Thanks Pat

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