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Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Thanks Pat. Let me know if you are interested in the used 220 v 50 cyc water
maker parts in the mean time I will check with Tom the unit owner.

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Richard, Got mast off the boat with no problems last week.You remember the
jambed main halyard problem. It turned out it was not the halyard itself but
the bolt that comes out from the furler that extends through the slot in
the mast.Apparently the downhaul was too long and when I tensioned the main
halyard I bent the bolt and drove it up inside the mast. I could never have
got it out without dropping the mast. We are now getting ready to prime spots
of corrosion with Awlgrip 545 after sanding and metal etching with acid
wash and I have decided to awlgrip the entire mast.Of course now I have to
paint the boom as well as the mizzen mast next year. We are so happy with the
results from painting the topsides and rubrails two years ago, the boat looks
new and is so easy to clean.
Thanks, Pat SM123

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