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Good to hear from you too.

It's possible your 60L/hr watermaker draws little enough amperage but I'd doubt it. On my boat, the 140L watermaker draws 13A @220V, which works out over 2800 Watts. Your 60L is probably a lot lower than that. It's also possible you have an upgraded 24V alternator. Mine is 50A, so the theoretical maximum I can put into the batteries is around 1300W to 1400W at 27.5V.

If you have an aftermarket 100A alternator regulated to 27.5V, you've got over 2700W, but it will take more HP from the auxiliary to drive it. One of the fundamental rules of energy management is there's no free lunch.

Also, I seem to remember a version of the 60L unit that ran on either 220AC OR 24DC, but that may just be a newer model. If you have one of those, you wouldn't need the inverter.

Please look after my favorite anchoring spot opposite Ordinary Point.

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Steve, Good points and I have thought it may not make sense. If the engine
alt. is not adequate to more than produce the neccessary amperage ,than it
makes no sense at all. I was guessing the genset burned closer to 1/2 gal. an
hour and I was thinking the inverter could run the micro as well. The
weather has broken and is getting warmer thankfully, looking foreward to summer
and crabs on the Sassafas !

Good to hear from you,



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